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Overview student lab on relativistic physics

The student lab on relativistic physics at Hildesheim university offers an introduction to a number of topics of the special and the general theory of relativity for students in grades 9 to 13 (15 to 19 years old). The objective is a well-founded, conceptual approach to relativity. The relevant resources are visualizations and models. The materials that have been developed for the student lab are made available for teaching purposes on this website.

Animationen zur Relativitätstheorie - Mit Visualisierungen aus der Ich-Perspektive relativistische Phänomene sichtbar machen schildert eine Einführung in das Phänomen der Längenkontraktion.
Gravitational Waves: Models and Experiments on Waveforms, Effects and Detection introduces different types of sources of gravitational waves, models describing the effect of gravitational wave on particles and an experiment on the method of detection using interferometers.

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