Relativity visualized


What do you find on this site?

This site is about a visual and intuitive approach to the theory of relativity.

What would it be like to experience relativistic effects oneself? E. g. to fly at nearly the speed of light and watch one's surroundings. Or to travel to the vicinity of a black hole and take a look-around.

What do you not find here?

The basics of the special theory of relativity as explained in the schoolbooks. E. g. length contraction or the twin paradox.

Where should you best begin to read?

The material on this site is sorted into two subject areas. For each subject area, there is an overview: In it we briefly describe the subject, outline the content of each article and comment on the connections between the individual articles. Also, in each of the subject areas there are one or two main articles. They give an outline of the subject and are written in a non-mathematical way. Annotated links lead from the main articles to the other articles on the same or a related subject.

The subject areas and main articles:

Visualization of special relativity

What does an object look like when moving at nearly the speed of light?

Motion near the cosmic speed limit


What does the world look like to someone moving at nearly the speed of light?

Through the city at nearly the speed of light


Visualization of general relativity

Gravitational light deflection:

Destination Black Hole

to the thematic overviews.

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